Personal wanted to take a doubt with you, when I kill the 200 slaver only falls pet of elements, I wanted to know if it is a bug or is it really, sorry my English because I am Brazilian and I use google translator

The 200 enslaver feat is working fine :smile:

More only falls pet slim is common?

Slimes are a very common pet to drop the feat is functioning fine :smile:

Thank you for the quick answers, thank you! ! !

Glad to help out :smile:

When I download my account, how do I log in to another account?

You can’t :smile:


I wouldn’t call them “common” though… for me the rate must be like 1\50 or less.

I’m reffering specifically to legendary slimes which take up ~40% of the legendary pet loot table :smile: regular slimes are so rare though :cry:

I got tons of slime and don’t know what to do lol I hope we can fuse them or sure 2-3 pet at the same time lol

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