Pets and feats

So, ive been playing awhile now, and though i do have 8 legend pets, this raises a question through observance.

First, im sure in that pets ONLY drop from enslavers? But, most noticeable, is that legend and eternal pets just do NOT drop outside of feat completion? Is this true? If this is the case, kinda disappoints me. Feels like the pets are locked behind a thick wall, with a little bone tossed here and there (extremely rarely, considering the feats requiremments, heres lookin at you eternal…)

Anyways, just curious if these pets can be even found outside of feats at all. Doesnt seem like it. If it is just rng, well, thats fine. :slight_smile:

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They can be found. Have you read my pet thread?

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Legend pets do be found on Enslaver. It just takes a while and be blessed by RNG god’s. I got my first legend and eternal pets from a enslavers after a lot of farming and luck.

Pray to RNG gods :slight_smile: . Good thing you can put crystal on legend pets now. Also good thing they easier. They used to be much harder as well.

Keep farming them Enslaver is my tip. Use high luck, map with high luck potentially, speed farm in a floor where you kill super fast.

Also Enslaver can be found near shrine , upper corners of a map or near cartographers as I’ve observed.

With floor 2 farming or any floor just hunting for Enslaver with or without monster boost, you can get them in 10 seconds or so. Maybe 20. Sometimes 60 seconds depending on your builds.

Nope, but i will now. Ty :slight_smile:

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Floor 2? … 0,o

Monster boost + spam floor 2 for Enslaver. That tactic is extremely useful. Although it wasn’t always possible.

This only works with a boost i take it?

No. I have given another solution in the thread I posted to help spawn enslavers. :+1:

I would highly recommend playing at floor 401 though because you have an eternal pet drop through the enslaver feats. :four_leaf_clover:

Yea i read your post. Good info. Just makin notes on cuzegs speed run tip. :wink:

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Yup floor 401 is also recommended. Better chance for eternal pets. Floor 2 trend isn’t as worth it as it used to be thanks to that feat and it heavily relies on monster boost.

Floor 401 or any floor that is above floor 200 or around floor 200+ or even 100+ is a good floor for Enslaver naturally but floor 400+ especially thanks to the new feats that give you mythic Enslaver and legend Enslaver.

I cant wait to face my first mythic Enslaver. Faces him, only to find game crashes. Imagine that huh?

Although somehow I fixed the crash problem mysteriously.

I think it was because of Zram , removing Twilight app and other unnecessary background apps in favour of CF Lumen rooted and some other thing. I’m still puzzled of how I forever stopped my DQ crashing.

Lol nice

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xD . Need more memes! P.S I can’t wait until I get my gaming PC with a Ryzen 5 and a good graphics card to game all games at 1080p60+ or potentially even higher fps and futureproofing. My job is helpful.