So I am quite happy that i acquired few eternal pets thou mostly useless set affix for pvp or pve and few bad epic affix,well ok its just for collection cause its all useless bums xD. But that is not what I want to talk about.

I loot quite many legendary pets and before i pick them up i clearly saw fairies or the hoarder pets or whatever, totally forgot the name. But then when i pick it up and check the pet in the bag, it transform to a freaking f***ing slime, i have so many slime gum balls in my bags and i totally hate it,i mean i havent even pick up a legendary inferno or permafrost in my entire life playing this game.

So good luck to all and happy playing. :3

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Imp, Fairy, Hound, Slime are the four Pets.

I know how you feel. I have about 6-7 Legend Slimes and about the same for the other Pets combined, in my stash, not including the ones on my Characters. just picked up a Lilith Fairy with Vampiric Touch a few weeks ago, and am still thinking of a build for her. I have a few other Pets with nice Sets, Pathfinder, Momentum, Demonic, Cosmic Power (using this one in Arena at the moment), and a few with Sets I am not interested in using. I have an idea for using Element Slimes in an Elements Set Themed Build for PVE, but am still working on Ascending the Character the Build if for.