Whats the difference between pets with gold and pets with $$ also the demonic and the angel pet whats difference?

BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level 85

Only the appearance of some pets from the IAP-Shop are different then of those which can be farmed. It’s also an option to support the devs by buying IAP pets.
So don’t worry, you aren’t disadvantaged if you don’t buy them; they don’t have unique affixes hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unless iap pet can be a skin that can be apply on current PET. If not i would rather support other iap. Like i already spent like 10bucks or so. Not much but showing support for dq. Since alpha phase.

So there isn’t any unique affix

Main Account: BunnyFuffu , Rogue Level 85

Right! The IAP pets are skin change only. Thanks for the support guys and gals!!