Phalanx 3.0


Phlanax works on PVE. But doesnt seem work on PVP. Is there a bug also?


Phalanx talent gives 2.5% chance Per Rank to activate Shield Wall on block…


i dont have block on PVE but it works


Are you using warrior shield? If so, that has base 10% block… Look at the defense stats


im using braincage OH


Look at your defense starts. You must have block in order to activate shield wall on block. Unless you have shield wall proc?


under my stats page block chance=0%
no other procs equiped other than cerebral vortex.


I do not know… I do know shield wall activates on block in PvP. I do not know if Phalanx has different parameters in PvE. I will try to create some tests with Phalanx talent and no block. What talent is on your ring?


I don’t know why, but this thread is making me excited about playing Warrior eventually.


Conducted a simple test. You do not need block to activate Shield Wall in PvE. I will check PvP next


PvP test:

Phalanx will never trigger Shield Wall without block… I tried many matches in my controlled test and It does not happen!

Phalanx has 10% chance to cast Shield Wall on block. You need to think about those stats though… Phalanx (4) yields 2.5%x4 or 10% chance to cast on block. Block cap is 24%… Let’s theorize… In a match, you get struck 100 times. Of those 100 times, what is your chance to cast Shield Wall? [I’m not asking for any Monte Carlo simulations…]


need block atleast 10% on pvp yes. it work on pvp.


Thanks for this info may lvl100 original wish angel is better than the new angel with phalanx epic affix thats why i dont use the new angel im still using my original angel from newbie with all resist affix


thank you very much @Mr_Scooty


You are very welcome @lionex :+1: