Phalanx 40 doesnt guarantee 100% shieldwall

I tried capping the Talent Phalanx to 40

Description says that it grants you “+100% chance to cast Shield Wall when struck”

But this may not be true at some point…

It doesnt cast Shield Wall sometimes when I get hit, maybe 1 or 2 hits more before Phalanx procs…

Im concluding that the Shield Wall from Phalanx has cooldown before it procs again

Have anyone tried this? Thanks in regard

You are correct phalanx has I think a 4 second cooldown don’t quote me on that though I can’t remember the exact length but it does have a cooldown

I thing every skill put a CD on it same with my Assault

This is one of the discription errors.

Phalanx has a 4s CD.

Procs and on Cast effects do not have any CD.

Thank you very much! :smile: