Phone shutoff while playing

Hey guys so last night i started farming on my warrior and wizard my warrior is asc 1 lvl 90 and wizard is asc 1 lvl 81 last night today i managed to make my warrior lvl 98 half way to 99 and my wizard to lvl 93 half way to 94 i dont know what happend but my phone did warm up and shut down it’s self. so after opening the phone backup it said android starting so i suppose the phone did reset its self. unfortunately i didn’t backup my cloud in the morning so i ended up losing the 33.7million gold that i did farm and the lvls from 90 to 98 and 81 to 93 with a shit ton of crystals and mythstones. Is there any possibilities of a admin helping me with this because im litteraly at the point of stopping to play. litteraly my 8 hours went to waste and i had 3 nadroji jewelry unlocked
all 3 of them were jewelry 2 on my wizard and 1 on my warrior. 3 of these are gone aswell.

I am a legit player i dont use any kind of hacks. been about a week orso since i started.

Wow, that is really awful and already happened to me two times. I think there isn’t anything to be done, but always remembering to upload data to cloud (this also causes issues, lmao)

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Yea i know i usualy do the backup but today i litteraly got like 4 eternal drops and 3 nadroji jewelry wich got me excited because it helped me speed up with the farming process. i’ve posted a email hopefully they will be able to help me with the issue.

Litteraly about 12 hours of progress is gone ;s

Don’t worry. You will get it all back

Hmm idk how that happens tbh. I might be able to help you. I haven’t had these issues but I have an idea of what causes them (though recently I did have phone restart on me when I quit DQ or press arena but that’s something I don’t know myself on rooted device).

Weird thing is i was farming on floor 270 suddenly the game froze and the phone shut it self off when i turned the phone back on and clicked on dungeonquest it was like the first time you enter the game with the loading and stuff.

Realy weird i tought maybe my phone was hacked or something because it randomly turned off xD

I’ve crashed on eternal maps. But que serra serra

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I have like 3 of those rn…are they any good?

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Update - Admin is helping me out with my issue. if anyone had the same issue as me contact the game developers they will help you out.

Love the quik response on the email aswell. Great game overall but i think there should be a option after ever 5 - 6 floors that the game should auto upload to your DQ cloud. with a option to turn that on/off wich would make it alot better for people that forget like me.

Hmm i think the phone is overloaded with programs, an instability issue or something along the lines. I don’t get these issues once i remove certain bloatware apps and increase performance but then again i root and i know not everyone can or should to play this game optimally. Great that you are being helped out at least. I never had issues like that where the phone just turns off but i do remember other problems related to lag such as duplicate inventories or just a simple crash and i have to restart the game due to high packsize numbers and the phone not being able to handle it. Still im amazed i had it stable for so long on the s3 mini and every other phone i owned.

Something similar happend to me yesterday, I had just received a lvl 270 Legend map and was running it, as soon as I seen the cartographer the screen froze and the whole phone shut off. when I turned it back on, I launched the game right away aaaaaand nada, I had to redownload my data from the cloud. Crazy

@_SpectralKnight eternal maps either yield great drops or sod all. Best maps for finding stuff are any maps with skyfall. But there is a dowsnide. You die a lot


Not if im here. Dodge, Block, moving around, instant kills.


Yeah @CuzegSpiked and watching out for the red spots that indicate approaching meteorite deadliness and running away


Also, moving far enough away from the impact zone so your helper doesnt take a bullet for you. that can get tricky especially of they are low level and your farming exp for them. One hit and they so so dead. haha

Hireling are cheap to revive

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What does skyfall have to do with drops?

Sky fall are hard maps to play because you die a lot. But you find good things. That’s your reward. Legend and eternal maps are easy. You may or not find good stuff because of luck bonuses. The harder the map to play then better the drop

Skyfall gives nothing but easy death


Not really. The only rewarding map is high pack size with good cartographer chests. Though I mean it can feel satisfying defeating skyfall.

What also seems to increase reward is maps with ice that seem to give more gold/loot because of the crates or pack size densities , if enemy has a certain affix to grant more item drops, etc. Skyfall and TNT props just add challenge.