Oh man. I cleard whole floor, when somebody called me. You know, there are people playing DG on mobile, not tablets :wink:

Well, after saveing system was added in the newest update game is losing my progress after minimalizing, calling, opening browser or whatever. Before there wasn’t such thing and I haven’t any problem.

What will you do with that SBTeam?

Definitely a bug, the app shouldn’t be quitting when its interrupted. Looking into it!

I encountered this problem aswell.
But it doesnt allways close just like 3 out of 5 times.

Can either of you two tell me what version of Android your phone is running? You can locate this info in Settings - About Device - Android Version.

This will help me track down what is causing this issue. Recently we added support for a large range of Android devices and I think we might be getting some of these app close issues from these recent additions.


4.1.2 on a s2 gt i9100g
On 2.3.6 this allso happened but thats quite along time ago

Hmmmm ok. Thank you for the info. I was expecting the issue on the 4.1.2 bug not on the 2.3.6

We will get to work on this, hopefully we can get a resolution before our next patch. Thanks for the info, and for posting on the forums, feedback is always greatly appreciated.

As i said on 2.3.6 it appeared maybe once or twice but that was even before warrior was released so maybe it was fixed allready :wink:

I think I found the issue. I will get it tested on our end and if it works we will push it in the next patch. Thanks for the info on the issue.