Pinoy DQ Here. Back to Newbie :3

Ilang taon palang ang DQ Gamer na ako nito. :slight_smile: Sayang ngayon lang ulit nakabalik after 3 years :smiley: Tyagaan ulit sa pagbuild ng better stats & adikan ulit sa pagpapalevel :wink: -IPIRINCIEI-

Pls use english on public thread, im pinoy too,

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Welcome back!!! hurry up and start grinding ^^

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tingin ko pwd nmn puro pinoy dito. tayo tayo lng din nmn mag uusap na pinoy dto.

just saying. NO OFFENSE!

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You can speak in tagalog just caption the english translation underneath so otherโ€™s know what you are saying as part of forum etiquette ^^

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well noted. :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m sorry :slight_smile: Hehehe. Right now. iโ€™m Level 35 for 2 days playing DQ :wink:

Okay :slight_smile: Iโ€™m sorry.

Happy gaming

Thanks :slight_smile: Continues playing right now. Level 58.

We have fb group prince for pinoy named Pinoy Dungeon quest Playersยฉ care to join? :smile:

Sure. :slight_smile: This is my FB Email:

I sent a permission to join :slight_smile:

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