Pinoy Dungeon Quest / Dungeon Quest All Stars (Farewell) 800k hp on pvp

Thanks for being a nice friend. Even though sinasabihan nyo akong cheater. Hindi ko matatanggap ung pagkick nyo sa akin. Naging Faithfull ako sa inyo.

Once again ill explain ascenion lvling fast. And TEST IT PLEASE
2chars need.
1main will kill all enemies.



Hey! Thanks for the information. Going to take a look at it.

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Okay thanks. Please asap for that. Coz they calling me a cheater coz of that set. Or please try on it to make that kind of hp. Ill wait for the response. Thanks

Did u remove the SS?

hey ref can you share screenshot?

I already share it a while ago but @refia remove it. Maybe after the checking of the build. (Y)

Does it exploit something to get removed or what?

thats the effect of new hp epic affix (10000) too high flat value,

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Yah the 10,000hp. Then they say I cheat coz of my hp. I need response.

what ppl see now

Fire/Bleed DoT too strong
Hp flat value too High
Vortex thing is broken, turrent loop and cause epic lag when 2 vortex user encounter (tank meet tank).

Just idea for solution,

Fire DoT deal 25% per sec.
Bleed DoT Deal only 50% damage (from total damage that cause thier enemy bleeding.) Increase the chance to cause deadly strike on bleeding enemy equal to Bleed chance.
Hp Value drop from 10k to 7.5k or just make it like the old value 5k,
Vortex/Turrent Skill max Spawn per 1 time is only 4, (12 mini tornado) vortex effect will respawn the new one and make the old one gone. (use mechanism like dev use for trap skill)


i wanna test my dmg to this 800k hp on pvp :smiley:

Its on my 2v2. Onoda_kun ign.

Btw I cant see the picture you post any idea how you create this?
You can pm me haha

Refia remove it. They will test my build if its ok. I make it legit ofc.

It this a full hp set sir?


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I’ve booted you out of the 2 fb group not because of this simple hp build, heck even my 12 year old daughter can do this. I’ve kicked you out for obvious cheating a game for christ sake! You’ve ascended to eternal in just 3 days, then your excuse is just quest mythstones? That’s not gonna swing it my poor boy. Given the fact that that was a newly made account because you have been previously banned from the league Fookee and kcellvirus can attest to this. Emman told me that this is impossible. You need more than a hundred billion xp to achieve this. Ocenyx told me he can do this but he’s a DQ demigod- i won’t contest, I love them both. Hahaha

I have explained this to you many times. This is just the first of many evidence, I DO NOT FANCY REPEATING MYSELF! Like any other cheaters that I’ve booted:

error 414: brain not found!

There’s no glory in cheating my boy!
Good day to you all.

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yes i agree. i have ascended twice and took me almost a week with exp + sets (i only play on my breaks roughly 6 hours each day).

How to get quest ?

in shop. you must be level 99 to be able to purchase it. each ascencion costs an additional 5 mil. starting price is 5 mil