Plans for new bosses? Drops questions

I was wondering if you guys had any plans for adding new bosses to this amazing game? Or will you move to a different game and abandon this :confused:

Question about drops: Do bosses have more chance or dropping legends and eternals?

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I know you didn’t mean it but, please don’t casually say “Or will you move to a different game and abandon this”. It’s kinda inappropriate considering how active the staff are.

As of now the staff is pouring out updates upon updates every now and then. So I don’t think they’ll likely to abandon DQ anytime soon, they’re even active here in the forums, and tbh thats quite rare for game devs.

As for your question, I think they’ll try to fix most of the known bugs with the last major patch before moving to a bigger patch, as we just updated to 2.0 quite recently. But I’m all for new content, new bosses, new items, new maps, heck even new characters and I’ll be all for it.



There will be a lot of new content in 2.1, including many bug fixes. The devs do want to improve the bosses (especially since many legends are already named after them). If they had unlimited time and money, I am sure a change would be made.

I am very certain that this game will not be abandoned as their efforts are being rewarded with your support. They are very grateful to you guys and work long hours to make this game as enjoy able as possible.

Thats awesome, is there anywhere we can get news on possible 2.1 updates? I don’t get the infinite money and time part…are you being sarcastic?

I think one more bosses would really make this game rock solid, maybe one that requires a little more difficult mechanics more so like the last two bosses rather than the first two ones…

This is such a great game, I wish it was more advertised and well known.

Because they have limited resources, not all changes they want are implemented. A lot of features planned for 2.0 had to be pushed back to 2.1.

Announcements for 2.1 will come when ready. As saintwave explained, 2.0 was just released. And I am sure we testers did not catch all bugs. For now, the safe things I can announce are more items and balance changes. There will be a new article up sometime next week. Maybe something will be announced then.

Thank you guys for your continued love and support for the game!

Since you are on I am wondering if the PURCHASE NEW CHARACTER SLOT item will be fixed, it seems I am not the only with this problem. I have 3 characters but I want to make 4th one but cannot click on purchase new slot even though its right there. Its very strange…

That is very strange and it is the first time I have heard of this bug. I purchased all 6 char slots long ago so I am unable to help you.

Please contact support and maybe they can look into your account specifically. I will let the devs know about this bug. Thank you for telling me.

Thankyou I saw this problem online with some people in different places and also with my friend who said it was broken.

Speaking of new boss, it would be great if the boss is uber-hard and also a new feature in-line with the arena is like a boss raid which you can team up with players to defeat the boss, or just hire other players. Lol just a thought, and by the way, yeah, iOS really sucks. My DQ still at v1.7