Pleas help me

My phone was stolen and when I try to log in again my characters was not there anymore

Did you save your characters online?

Please help me with it plz

But I think I haven’t I can send you photo of my history purchased if you want to

it is possible that if your characters were not saved on DQ Cloud, the thief might have messed up your game. if you have saved your game to DQ Cloud, and have a new device and remember your password for DQ Cloud, you can download your saved game to your new device. if the thief somehow figured out your DQ password, that could be another problem.

enlightenment from a Dev would be very helpful, incase I am not quite correct.

Can’t we do anything for this issue

You should send an email to That way I can help you with your issue and you are not leaving personal details (like your email address) here on the forums.