Please delete all my posts

Im on a phone with no acses to a pc i have alot of crappy queston posts i made that i want gone.

only leader and higher rank can delete post

Can you or someone els delete everyting i made ?

Why not just create a new account and pretend nothing ever happened? Or just pretend nothing ever happened ^.^

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makes sence

There is no crap question.

It is perfectly fine to keep your posts…

Don’t be embarrassed when you ask crappy questions here lmao! Hhahaah

I remember that I use to ask how to change my picture here in the forums xD hahahahah

I asked 100s of crappy questions and look where I got. Cronos also asked many questions , hence the question thread and the questions really helps us improve and anybody who asks.

Don’t be shy to ask any questions/doubts you have about this game but also try to figure the puzzle of this wonderful game.

Although tbh, there is no stupid questions here or crap ones as everyone question helps.

Don’t delete it. It makes the forum livelier and more fun.

Yup and it makes me want to stay . I stay so I can help :slight_smile: .

I remember my first post here… still new, but kinda funny lol

Me too I’d love to help others here because when I first came here I didn’t expect to have a positive response and I thought my post would clearly be ignored since I’m still a newbie at that tine but I thought wrong heheheh there are a lot of good people here who helped me including the devs so that’s the main reason that I’d like to help others too as much as I can.

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My first post was the Aftermath Build guide. When I look back, I realise just how far I came but I feel proud that I helped many despite being a huge newbie myself. Then so many questions here on then.

I had a failed build because I actually thought green garden would work in arena lmao. I laugh at my old self lol.

Hahaha i read and i saw that post bro then cronus replied dnt post or spam again and again that