Please enlighten me

What legend affix should I prioritize in weapon in order to have higher dps, ELEMENTAL DAMAGE % or WEAPON DAMAGE %?

You can’t get legend +weapon damage via ruby

I’m asking about % not +

You can’t get +weapon damage%
You can’t get +weapon damage
You can’t get +elemental damage%

I think weapon damage % cause it’s in the formula, it’s hard to explain, but you can only get it in items it can’t be rolled by ruby

Also if you use only weapon damage% it’s weaker than using only +weapon damage

Really? But i can get elemental damage legend affix on my gauntlet CF

For example you can’t get +ice damage% but you can get +frostbitting%

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a little late, but here is a good answer.

+200% WD and +500% ED on the other items does more dmg than +100% WD and +600% ED on all items (except pet). +100% WD and +200% ED does the same dmg as +200% WD and +100% ED. this is just a straight up comparison between WD% vs. ED%.

these affixes can’t be rolled with Ruby. if you can’t find an item with these affixes for the Class you are using, check the items that can be Jaspered to the Weapon you want to craft to see if they have the affixes you are looking for.