Please fix/change these things

  1. If you have crystals in your storage you cannot stack these with the crystals in your bag.

  2. I would really like to be able to sell crystals and stones.

  3. Please create a cancel option on crystal usage.

  4. Please look into ignore resist because I am not sure this is working right.

  5. Please do not charge us to salvage a crystal. We should be rewarded for lowering a grade.

I think that is all I have for now. Thank you so very much!

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Lolz…why not? Also why cant I add an epic affix too a legendary item?! Thats lame…

Patch 1.7 will address some of these concerns!

Some? Concerning…

Because it would be just too much easy to cancel once you don’t get the roll you’re looking for :confused:

Oh no I meant for those who do not understand what the crystal does…like which affixs can be changed…it will still use the crystal…I am referring to a way of backing out of the crystal selected

Ah, hum… i see!

I get the cancel option for crystals. I once tried to reroll part of a legendary item that couldn’t be changed. Backing out would be nice. However, crystals like change talent or special give you a few random choices out of a larger pool, and canceling would be an exploit there.

Resurrecting this thread to show there is still interest in vendor option to sell crystals/mythstones.

Being able to sell normal crystals & mythstones to the vendor could be helpful to new players who are cash poor & don’t yet have Dealer perk. Also could be useful to veterans who spend $5,434,300 at vendor for chance at ultra-rare crystals & mythstones. Granted, players can complete the “use crystal” or “use mythstone” feats at a cost as low as $375,000 (convert 750 Calcite/Hero or salvage 375 Angelite/Mentor) to roll for rare+ crystals/mythstones.

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I second this too most of my inventory is made up of worthless mythstones that couldnt be sold. If this is sellable it will be nice!

Ok…I was totally wrong about my previous post :wink:

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At least allow the 123456789999 to be vendorred for gold. Somethings arent meant to be kept around forever