Please help me how to create mythic affic

please help me how to create mythic affix for example

i want to have my weapon like NOVA or Enigma,

what shall i do?

do i need to insert for MS in one Item? (offhand item)
or what?

please dont ask me to use codex. im using pc here @ office some links doesn’t open

Does this link work for you?

To make mythics, start with an item with 4 sockets in it. You can get these as a drop, or you can create one with the crystal Zircon. Place the four listed mythstones into the sockets and it will magically turn the four mythstones into the mythic.I don’t think order matters, but I always do it in order anyway.

In case the link doesn’t work, here are the mythstones for Nova and Enigma. These need to be entered into an offhand to make those mythics.

Enigma: Haste Quest Fortune Elixir

Nova: Gift Haste Abyss Return

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Oh, come on guy…
Even I’m somewhat new around here, and I know the most basic of basics: Use Google. But, that’s a life tip… use Google for everything. I guarantee you that you’ll find the answer there almost 100% of the time.
Not trying to be rude, but dang…

can you please give example of offhand item?

thanks man


Bomb, vial, skull shield, hatchet, etc. Just needs four sockets.

i just need to put 4 sockets then i will get mythic affix like nova?

Find an item with four sockets or use the Zircon to make them.
Then use the wiki to find the Mythstone combination you desire. :smile:

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thanks man!

I think you have to place the MS in order…maybe someone can verify.

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you have to place the mythstones in order as it is in the wiki/codex and MAKE SURE THAT THE MYTHIC CAN BE MADE IN THAT GEAR. For example, mythics like bombard,cosmicorb and rockblast can be crafted into MAINHAND WEAPONS ONLY and cannot be crafted into any other piece of gear. While mythics like nova and vanish can be crafted into OFFHAND WEAPONS ONLY.


And… What would be the best to creat mythic… Either (normal items. Or. Legend items)??? Thank u… Po

Legend items with affixes you can’t get trough crystals.