Please help me

how can unequip a christmas vanity suit?
please help me…

If you go into your normal inventory the tab under your pet/trophy tab allows you too mess with vanities this is where you can equip/unequip christmas and arena vanities :smile:

sir i try it ,but it doesn’t work,i can’t unequip a holiday armor

Can you post screen shots of what your doing so I can better guide you threw the menus? :smile: (I would post some myself but I don’t have my tablet right now)

here sir

If you tap on it does an option that says unequip not come up? but otherwise it appears as if there has been a bug You should email the support email which can be found here because it appears as if the avatars are not in your inventory as they should be :smile:

tnx a lot sir,ur d best

Always glad too help out :smile: :+1: