Please help with the warrior build

Hi, I’ve reached lvl 200 and ascended once, could you tell me what are the items and weapons should Ibe using and what damage and armor should I have?
Im using scalp skill and frost damages, charge sucks. Ty.

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first, I don’t know much about Warrior, but one thing I have seen, and think it would be good for you since you like using Scalp…

it sounds like you are going from the early game into the mid game, so might not have a lot of loot to work with.

if you can find some items with Sprint Proc, it speeds you up when it Proc’s, leaving pools of Elemental magic on the ground until the Spell ends. while you are running around leaving pools on the ground, just hold down the Scalp button while moving.

or use a Horn with Sprint and find items with Scalp Proc.

if you can find or convert lower Crystals until you get a few, get some Amber Crystals and use it to put Scalp on a Horn. this way you can Sprint as much as you want and leave Scalping Hatchets along your path. I did this with a Wizard, getting a high movement speed so I could leave a trail of Scalp behind me.

it doesn’t really matter which Weapons & Skills you use, only that you like using them and they fit your play style.

if you are Ascending for all 6 Perks, make an Ascending Build, with +200% Experience from Quest Myth Stones, and just farm Challenge Maps of floors 100-110 for the experience. monsters stop giving more experience at floor 100, so higher floors are just harder to kill monsters for the same experience you get on floor 100. that way you can experiment on different ways to kill monsters while getting Perks. you should only go to higher floors during this time only if you are looking for some items that can only be found on higher floors.

find some items with Frostbiting and Freeze or Elemental Critical. this will make your Ice Weapons do more DMG.

that’s the best help I can give without knowing what you have on your items at the moment.