Please Help

I’m salvaging all my low mythstone (the yellow ones) to hero. I got a total of 461 Hero mythstones. Then after converting it, all my items turn white with a question marks name on them. I thought its just glitch or something so i exit to main menu and enter my character again. All my items was good except for the pet that i am currently using at that moment and my heroic level goes down to 5 which should be 73. As for my upload data it was 1 or 2 days before this happen. Please help cause i am really enjoying this awesome game.

This is a current bug apparently, there is a fix in the works but I’m not sure on things getting corrected on your character after it’s already happened to you.

Best solution is to avoid converting/salvaging large quantities

I had a problem like this too, search for my thread Heroic Level Bug, or something similar to that for more info. They will fix it for you, rest assured.

thats why i only convert/salvage only a hundred at a time. careful everyone…

i think it only apear when you convert higher count like 100 +for exchange so when you covlnvert 202 calcite for 101 angelite it could be happen