Please nerf cere vortex damn

The ai tank takes 30 dot but u tAKE 5000x3 jts not fair

C.vortex was already nerfed right?. Maybe the user has eternal item with +20 torrent and added +20 more on his crafted items.

There is a planned nerf as far as I know that has been very difficult too get working but for now it has been nerfed so that they last less time so with move speed they should be more manageable :smile:

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An opponent that has +40 torrent on it and has torrent proc does that dominating torrent

is this pvp issue or pve?

Pvp and nope barely anybody in d1 has eternal items pedro

heroic skill are not working at arena :smile:

dont have eternal item :smile:

Heroic skills function as long as they are placed on gear but none of your inherent ones function :smile:

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for real? xD when this thing update? lol

It’s always been the case but not really all that well known or talked about :smile:

hmm ok then ill use some heroic skill again at pvp today :smile:
thanks for the info @Griffin012


That is why we really find eternals with +20s heroic skills …

As @Griffin012 stated, the devs are trying to implement a special way of nerfing Torrent. But it is proving difficult due to the limitations of the Game Engine.

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So u mean to tell me if i got 5 strength on my gear and i got 20 in the skill ill have 25 in pvp or ect with skill the same way

No you’ll have 2 in PvP because all afiixes are scailed down in PvP too level 20 and your inherent ones are not active

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Basically worthless :frowning:

Really heroic skills don’t work in arena that sucks I’ve respect like 6 times playing around trying to see the difference and that was at like lvl 55-60ish that sucks. Wtb better tool tips. They really added a lot to this game made it fun and complicated but so much is so vague its like a guessing game. Do you get your stats about lvl 20 or has that been a waste to! May as well just spec for PvP since 90% of the things don’t matter. 20 lvls of stats is damn near useless

if you heroic skill was place on your gear it will work.
Only the heroic skill at main character will not work