Please rate my build


Would like your comments about this build. Tia

This build is for my hireling which optimizes crushing flames+frozen while I immolate the mob.
Enemy hp is chipped through crushing blow then frozen blows everything up.


Your Dps and Dph are very good.


Nice. But why plagued? Do you use poison as well? HP isn’t good at high floor though . On the Elements set affix, nvm.


Actually looking for 2 set affixes to replace elements and plagued. Suggestions are very much welcome.


I think bow naturally pierce, so I would remove both zenith from head/body, remove them and put another Glasscannon.
I think you build can’t take a single hit, then why do you have taunt proc?
Change your amulet’s talent to Deadeye and get an epic deadly strike on your pet. If you’re satisfied with only 30% Deadly Strike, you may consider making another body with a different crystal affix.
A thing a learned in some guide in this forum is that crystal weaken >> ignore resist. I tested it and I’m actually very satisfied about it. You may consider using it too.
You can also add more elementcrit dmg.

I can’t even see how you can survive at higher floors, don’t you die too often?




Thanks for the comments. Currently at 1180, no problem yet on deaths. Maybe at higher levels.