Pls help how to get 4 multi attack or 4 extra attack chance?

is there 4 multi attack in crystal affix or 4 extra attack chance? i have 1 obsidian and always theres no 4 extra attack or 4 multi attack in choices and in ruby theres only 1-2 multi attack how can others make it 4 multi attack? btw i have a eternal flintlock that have 4 multi attack and 4 extra attack chance and its good flintlock but i want to customized a mystic flintlock


Either with Ruby(put them in separate gear) or Eternal Legend like the one on your ss.

My opinion, go with the customised mystic flintlock.

The reason your flintlock has +4 is because it is eternal. That doubles all the stats, so the normal +2 becomes +4.

ok thank very much guys

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