Poison stacking

I got some questions about poison after i only get around 10-100B Dmg and i saw builds with 400B+ Dmg on poison setups

so far i know

  • WD% > ED% in an elemental builds ( WD > ED ofc too)
  • HP/MP regen give a nice multiplier for poison builds
  • I have poison dmg on 4 of my items
    ~(amulet has regeneration affix instead gives more dmg then 100%ED and weapon has 100%WD)
  • Momentum/defient/glasscanon/push the limits etc are quiet strong

ya greengarden build can even reach 700b + dmg u just need 30k mp and hp regen and stack many enemies with plague and also with lot of elemcritdmg and good amount of elemcrit and 5000ED … u can also combine it with crushing blow since its easy to deal billions of dmg with it on higher floors

some dmg depend on how high your floor