Howdy initiates. Many users look at quasi group dual militia, yet everyone really ignores some magic, weirdo team anti fun groups if nothing ordinarily normal were in multi man brute heroes. Only lower damage on ten most macho, buggy combo. Usually regular baddies use typical giant weapons.

Can someone cut Rubik off of the redbull and coffee and translate what he just said? Lol[emoji1]

Evolution or Extinxtion

Ryim 99 Rogue
RyimScaith 81 Warrior
Rym 61 Wizard
Riym 58 Rogue

说实话,我不知道他在说什么 [emoji38]

Zdravo inicira. Mnogi korisnici pogledati kvazi grupe dual milicije, no svi su zapravo ignorira neke magije, čudak tima protiv zabavne skupine ništa obično normalne su u više čovjek brute heroja. Samo Lowe

That’s croatian. … it was my best guess. … lol

I don’t like Red Bull, I prefer orange Rockstars. I could drink 5 a day.

Well it’s been officially spoiled, so just so you know I’m not completely crazy…

The title means “Good Luck” when translated to Hawaiian.
My only response to this thread was a hint on how to start breaking the code, the number 5. (I would have slowly kept adding hints, but I didn’t expect it to have been spoiled so soon actually.) Five, was for how many words to group together. After that, taking the first letter of each word in the first group, then the last letter of each word in the next group and repeating the process would have been a spoiler. Yes, I get extremely bored sometimes! :smile:

Howdy Initiates Many Users Look
aT quasI grouP duaL militiA
Yet Everyone Really Ignores Some
magiC weirdO teaM antI fuN
Groups If Nothing Ordinarily Normal
werE iN multI maN brutE
Heroes Only Lower Damage On
teN mosT machO buggY combO
Usually Regular Baddies Use Typical
gianT weaponS


Hi, multiplayer is coming in one nine, hold on to your butts! :smile:

Ok, maybe I am crazy…

Ok, maybe I am crazy…[/quote]

Maybe :smile: