Possible Bugged Crafted Ring

I think I have a bugged ring. I crafted a Fauns Gift ring with 225% luck. With my normal ring, my Health is at 41.1K HPs in the Battle Arena. When I switch to the Fauns Gift ring, my Health doesn’t change. When I look at my stats I have 650K Health with my normal ring and 1000000 health with the fauns gift ring. Why is this? I have several screenshots but would rather not post my build to the public. My character was just freshly uploaded for viewing. My ring is in Bag two and the fauns gift ring is currently equipped. Can someone look at my account please and see if my fauns gift ring is bugged or is this something that I have to email support on?

Post this ring as well as your other ring. Also note the nature on each

I get the feeling he doesnt want to share his build to jist anyone, at least PM him :joy:

Sharing a ring is not the same thing as sharing a build but pm me a screenshot if you want people to try and answer your question

I think I got it figured out. My guess is that I need to be 99 again. Once I hit 99 if it doesn’t change I’ll throw you two some PMs with the screenshots and see if you can figure it out.

Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Could you send me the screenshot of your build please? So, I could try to reproc the bug with the same condition.