Post pics of items found on mules

Just a bit of fun, post your pics of the strange items, or collectables found collecting dust on a mule that you had forgotten about …

Fairy with socketed Return mythstone and imp with crystal affix to get things going :wink:


And this …

Wtf? In what patch, did you find that Imp with crystal affix?

I know there is some crazy stuff out there from early patches. I forget who has it, but I’m pretty sure one of the testers has an old item with 2 set affixes on it. Hope they post it, its fun to see some old messed up items. :smile:


There you go :smile:

Nice zzvilzz, want to trade it ? :wink:

[quote=“zzvilzz”]There you go :smile:


This I know is from 1.6 or lower.

Sure, an Eternal warrior’s Nadroji with Zealous talent should be fine. Hehe

Yup, it’s from a test patch since 1.4.x. I used to got 3, but I sold them and keep one as a trophy XD

Holy shit. I hope these are shopped or a clever ruse because you guys are making me jealous. :smiley:

Is this from beta tester’s version or the official 1.8.1?

Nope, those are bugged items from the previous test patch.