Post your fail on making item here

Fail to get;
+%Crit Damage

P/s:- The name really changed lol.

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Ure not using DQ Cloud? Im surprised.

U mean abuse thing UD/DL.? if that u mean. then it no. doing that = cheat.

Hope devs will fix about that so it will be a fair dq world. :joy: u the real mvp cronos

ik, i hope thing get fixed in next patch…
About the UD/DL . i just be honest to my self lol… also Dev help when ppl lose thing, when player didn’t get thing, and implants thing to make it easy to player… it just weird lol. why ppl still abusing.

it’s available so it’s free to abuse :joy:. well, just hope it is fixed next patch. Did someone reported that already?

Hello master kawpaytek :slight_smile:

Kawpaytek= ???

@Mhilmcx LOL SENPAI!

@cronos4321 kawfaitek is my old rouge name :joy:

Hi Hi um eternals there affix can be removed?

no it cant. that is fable blade weapon. it have 4 empty slot socket. u can insert mythic stone and make mythic skill on it and when mythic skill created. the 4 slot socketed with required mythic stone will vanish and replaced with mythic skill. so the item will only have 3 affix.
Mythic skill: < ??? >
Set: Mythical
Legend affix: +%Mythology

Dev already update the game. if eternal have missing affix. u can use topaz to insert affix. but when it placed. u cant remove it.

i was wondering tnx for this im building my set now but the legend affix ruby has little types of affix i found really useful is topaz i really like if the dev add more affix
and a Graphic change the higher the quality the weapons look is more awesome

um i want to see your best weapon for rogue sir im adjusting to this changes to the Game i remember the old days :smiley: ahahaha u really need to put effort on your char now

that okay lol im in farming and crafting mode

The next time u do that. when you ddnt get the affix roll you want. dont choose any affix and just close dq and start again. Ur topaz will vanish but atleast you ddnt waste the slot. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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More of a fail in the method of crafting.
I was making a warrior set and on my last piece I needed battle mage. I was like I am a bit unlucky then about 4 amethyst use. I was like man It was an exclusive set affx of mage and I was warrior. I was like I made a guide for crafting restriction and I didn’t even follow it >.>


. I was trying to get druidic but was unlucky with amethyst :frowning: . It is helping me in pve more though because im dying less due to having more hp from plagued and cosmic power at 3 and some mp converts into hp as well as 2% leech. The reason why the set affixes are at 3 is because my nadroji ring has 2+ set affixes but it isnt as good as my cataclysm because it has no stealth proc, storm proc and twister proc.

I wish i got to the level where these things are easier to find and gold is easier. Im lucky on gold though today because of having 3+ gold find from 5 min booet and one of them was used in legend map. That gave me over a million gold for sure :slight_smile: . Now that I accidentally discvovered bloodmagic as set affix again, I will plan to change energy hat to blood magic and have orb using druidic when I have the 2+ all sets active. My ideas or plans keep changing as I get unlucky with stuff like amethyst and thats what’s best about the game :slight_smile: . My general plan is to have a very damaging aftermath set with fast healing capabilities/mana recovery and more ar/regen. I just need like over 9000 amethysts to go lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I find bloodmagic terrible in pvp so pvp will be harder. Energy mythical affix is the reason why I got to 2nd place in mythic league because on the A.I that sit there throwing arrows or wand bolts, I camp until stealth proc activates then destroy the A.I from there. Also my build is just really damaging if used right and I got 13 winning streaks as the highest. Whats your winning streak though? I’m certainly learning everyday a lot.