Post your farming gear and questions about it!

So, point of this topic is obviously to post your farming gear (+luck +item drops +goldfind). If you need suggestions, great! If you don’t, great! Let’s proceed.

I’m not sure how many pictures you can add, but just create an imgur album and post the link, that way it doesn’t clog up this topic.

I have max cooldown and max whirlwind skill for the maximum amount of hits per cast. It hits insanely fast. Numbers clog up the screen, and that’s with non-critical hit numbers turned off. My crits do 5m-15m damage. I obviously don’t expect to get to floor 500+ with this gear, but it does kill just fine 300+ on mp3. I usually just farm floor 101 treasure maps on mp3 for crystals.

Any suggestions?

I also have full gear on my rogue hireling, but I’ll save that for a later post.