Post Your Worst Pet!

It doesn’t take much playtime before you eventually acquire a pet that’s positively useless for all good purposes :laughing:

The only rule to post is that your pet must be Legendary or Eternal. Here’s mine :boom::facepunch:t3::muscle:t4:

Blast Satyr Spirit build ftw!

I don’t even want to level him up :frowning:

Lmao would totally trade you for the eternal genesis makes me want to do a build around it! as for the jester well we just won’t say anything about the quality of the trickster set affix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would gladly trade him to you :laughing:

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If only trading could be a thing :cry: could create a super cool (probably incredibly bad) build with it

NO flat HP, ED. HP on hit. all resist. -_- total hp

If only Trade community exist in DQ, I would like to have that to my warrior with that Fauna <3.

You guys go cry, I found exactly one eternal pet so far :stuck_out_tongue: nn good pet to make good PvP char!

I mean eternal Faun with GF/Luck/Crit DMG/Deadly is quite badass, with Satyr gives tons of AR with Buccaneer tons of damage :yum:

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I’m really guessing that unless you cheat, you wouldn’t have a good pet like ppl with an Eternal Pet with Druidic, Faun’s, Vampiric Touch and +HP, +ED, +Armor, HP% and Armor%. It’s just impossible.