Prayer OP

this was a long match. Wanted to see what the EHP is but still can’t get it maxed. Although this is very annoying. I use this build as my defender when I’m not actively playing (AI control) if anyone wants to see the build pm me. Not really wanting to crowd the arena with this one as I said , it’s very annoying. This is round 17 in top 3% of division 1 eternal league

and just think there was a point when it was just flat heals a % of HP instead of heals a % of base HP :wink:

I bet that was ridiculous. Im healing for something like 46.3k life per click in pvp. My CD reduction is maxed out. 12k resist and 115k armor seems to help along with 120% perseverance. Im gonna keep working on this. I have a question though. How does bleed damage work as just the sole damage modifier. Like if I have my crit maxed and no crit damage with 300%+bleed damage. Is it alone enough in pvp? Or do I need (have) to have crit dmg, deadly strike, and things like that to make it effective

300% bleed damage would be highly inefficient because of the amount of affix investment required you are better off to buff your base damage and then your bleed damage but no you will not need crit damage or deadly strike in order for the build to work in the general scenario they are very weak :smile: and it was quite ridiculous flashbacks to 200k HP on attack at 2 attacks a second hell

OMG I didn’t know it was like that. That’s way way way too much life gain. Seems like a good call to nerf it lol. I’m gonna keep tinkering until I find a good compromise in dmg/survivability. Thanks for the info on bleed. Wasn’t sure how people were cranking out bleed numbers like they do. If I could drop the three perseverance affixes I could get my damage back up. But I die soooooooo fast without it

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