Pre rogue teaser patch?

I think it could be cool to have a patch sometime before rogues release with a few rogue items to try to find.

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That’s a cool idea… wonder if anyone would be mad if we released Rogue items without the Rogue being available. You’d have to promise to not yell at us :smile:

Maybe some pre rogue only items hehe. Stuff that can only be found before the release. Nothing to amazing but unique.

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This would be a fun one… a set for both wizard and warrior. With full set one you look like the rogue!

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NO WAY would we be mad!!! If anything it is a head start. Speaking of which…when the full release comes out and we pay w/e to DL it are we going to lose everything?! :question:

@DJKingDavid nope, you will not lose anything. Your save game data can even transfer between devices as well!

I think some screenshots or trailer would be nice.:smile: