Prenium stash dissapeared

Hi so i started to play this game this night and got the prenium stash , i got the confirmation mail and in game it said all my crystals got moved to the stash for them.
I loged back in a little later and since then all my invenotry is locked again? how can i fix that?

edit: only my stash dissapeared all my other thing from the cash shop stayed like my 2nd character slot and the auto map thing

what are you talking about? i payed for them

But i saw there is an option in the main menu to restore thing from the shop it worked after trying and login in and out 3-4 times

Hey! Please contact the support. I am sure they will help you:
Thanks for supporting DQ!

where is your code like ween u buy stuff in the store google store there will be a code proving that u buyed in game

there is no code ,just an cofirmation when you buy something or an buy order but what ever :wink:

i clicked on the main menu refresh purchases and it unlocked the stash for me again , and the charachter slots i baught