Prevent freezing, stun, etc effects

I tried a few searches of the forums to try to find more information on this, but is there a way to decrease percentage of times you get frozen, slowed down, or stunned by enemies with an affix? Or just completely prevent it to begin with? The reason I would like to know is because I like using sprint on the warrior and sometimes they completely kill that strategy.

If there is already a thread please post it here, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

You can try a Stun Immune affix and Freeze Immune affix.
Both are legendary affixes.

Stun Immune can only be found at a legend drop.
Nadroji Armor and Battle mage helm for rouge.

Freeze immune can be attained via Ruby

Forgot if it was In Control or Control Duration affix as a global debuff reduction bonus, but yeah they work.

PS: If you’re planning to use them in the arena, just stick with what Emman mentioned, as these values I have mentioned will be scaled down to 20% in the arena, making them almost useless, which pales in comparison to full immunity.

Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.