Prevented Damage

How the hell are these players preventing 600k+ damage? I’m over here dying to players who end up taking nearly a million in damage, but live by preventing 75% of it… how?

Side thought, fuck cerebral cortex.

Thank you.

Easy. High AR and High resist as well as other means of reducing DMG.

This might be useful: PvP - How to Precisely Calculate HP and MP


I think it’s too important to you throw it this way.


Lmao. I always made fun of the Cerebral Vortex as Cortex since Skullshield is skull & brain and that has Vortex bonus. The vortexes created are the Torrents and it is like the mind aiming at you with Torrents. Definitely don’t throw that away XD :laughing: :joy:. The developers sure know their references and its cool.

References: Living force from star wars, Seven deadly sins build that was inspired by the anime, some greek god weapons and other weapons from history as well as developer names on some weapons such as Steiger’s Fortune. Some cool stuff. Mythic enemies and epics also have testers/developer names too.

That “cortex” might’ve been a typo when he meant to say “vortex”.


I usually prevent about 200k-ish during a battle. If it lasted longer I guess I’d present more

Bwahahaahahahahaahahahaha! great Thread. that Prevented Damage sucks when you go up against it, but when I craft a dedicated PVP build, that is one of the things I plan to make a part of it. plus lots of healing and damage and winning and HP and unlimited resources and, and, and…

With enough prevention and healing you really don’t need crazy high hp

it’s all about finding the balance that you/I are/am comfortable with. any Arena battles that last longer than 3-5 consecutive rounds needs to take into consideration the 25% boost to damage from Draws. I am mostly working on the PVE side of the game, but trying to get a PVP something going that generates a few Chests for me with the A.I. only I am generating a lot lower than a few Chests, so that is still a work in progress too.

I believe high armor, reset & dmg reduction factor into this

I’ve won and lost to players with shieldwall/skullshield

well, my Farm and Climbing gear didn’t have room for all of that, so I just tweaked HP and Healing a little. got to Eternal Division 5 so far. when I work on a PVP build, I will make room for that stuff. it is hard to switch between PVE builds and PVP builds in my thinking, but losing in the Arena has a way of changing my thinking. :thinking:

Yeah, I stopped pve to focus a little more on pvp

When my crystals are done, I’ll re-farm lol

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Skullshield is pretty crap as a defence buy can do attacks x 3 sulls.If necrotic is maxed it’s much more.
Shieldwall works with reflect damage i believe.

Some people call it ^haki^ if you master it you will be invincible! :blush:

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From my observations, reflect dmg doesnt do much dmg

I’ve seen numerous occassions from players with shieldwall reflecting back and I’ve even tried getting a decent amount of reflect dmg affix on gears and it didn’t really do much in pvp.


I’ve had the same finding, even with a full reflect damage build it did next to nothing in PvP :frowning:

reflect damage in PVP takes some thinking to make it work well. usually it has to be backed up with other stuff. I have lost to players because of reflect damage killing me, but I am still in the learning stage.

@solid_ice8 I’ve found that when I have used reflect damage in pvp that it 800 reflect damage in pve amounts to 88 in pvp. It sucks

Reflect DMG is based on MH DMG, what is a mistery to me even these days. I’m sure that is definitely NOT your total DMG.