Primary attack proc?

So i am using skullshield as my primary damage dealer. So i am just literally walking through the mobs. My right thumb finger is completely lifted from the screen. But sometimes my character just stops and fires a mh primary attack. Can anyone explain?

I think your hero is trying to tell you to stop being a lazy farmer? :sweat_smile:

But otherwise I dunno. This hasn’t happened to me. Then again I haven’t used skull shield as a primary OH since normal ascension, lol 50. :confused:

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Is your wizard a Hireling or your thumbs might be accidentally press it?

defective phone ghost touch?

I hve no hireling. My right thumb is completely off the screen

I don’t think so. This happens on both sides of my phone.

I think that might be performance related. You are using a skill or walking in a direction while playing and have an FPS spike, when the game engine catches up it does not stop the input which could cause you to continue to attack or move in a direction.

Try turning on Low FX mode, turn off screen shake, and get rid of damage numbers as well. This will all help the game run smoother on your device.

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