Prismatic Maelstrom

It doesn’t matter to me if it isn’t working right. This is principally a theory build anyways,until i can get it together.

I have finally finished building most of this build. I have a report on it’s effectiveness. It does a ton of dmg and the survivability is good. However, it does not do what I was hoping it would do. I was looking for a bunch of pretty colors to flash on the screen at one time in a cycle, however, Prismatic at 100% is too random to be what I was hoping for. Also, the colors start blending together eventually. One more thing, Sword Throw and Earthshatter, while very strong moves, do not show up on the screen that well. I am going to move on to another build. This one I am calling Frozen Fist of Fury. Stay tuned for it to show up soon.

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