Prismatic proc mage, looking for advice

OK, so I am a level 90 mage, floor 160. I have been building this idea for a while finally got to a point where I feel advice could be useful. My current setup (and planned changes are as follows:

Mh:Crystal wand of haste
Ilvl100, +25% quality
Barrage/knights charge ( charge needs changed still, work in progress not sure best special, build mainly spams barrage)
Crystal 23.1% crushing blow
Socket +50% dmg
Socket +10% all proc
+2 multiattack
20% storm proc (looking to be mirror image)

Edit: storm replaced with 24.5% taunt proc

Event horizon of protection
Ilvl 100 0% quality
Tele/mirror image (trying to get shatter back)
Crystal +744 mp/hit (infinite mana engine)
80.2% high voltage ( trying to change to scalp proc, does it exist?)
38.4% weap dmg ( need proc replacementioned idea)
298 hp/hit (proc replacement needed)
3725 weap dmg (need proc replacement)

Ilvl 100 eternal Astral shroud. No mods possible sorcery 20

Ilvl 43 eternal cataclysm of death magnify 8 great proc rolls just need to find an Ilvl 100…patience is key

Boundless cap of greed ilvl 100 +4% quality amplify 20
Eternal iced
Crystal +980 hp/hit (all my healing is from here, can heal 100% hp per attack with ease)
15% attack speed (changing to mp absorb socket asap)
1% hp on hit (replacement proc needed)
+4 fortune (replacing with mp absorb leg affix asap)
(Empty)(need proc for here)

Sanctuary amulet of the elements

Living force
10% mp absorb
+2 all sets
+2 multi attack
+20.3% coat weapon proc

All replacement pros need to be different than existing ones and either aoe or justifiable reason for non aoe proc needed.

Currently putting out about 1 mil listed dps, about 4 mil estimated edps.

Clear floors full clear with all boosts active in about a minute and a half.

Looking to the future, what proc can I add to increase output?

Looking for suggestions, please put suggestions in the following format:

Proc name
Item to put it on
Reason it makes a good addition.

Thanks for the help!

By the way, the reason I am removing get attack speed for anyone who tries to duplicate the build is because with attack speed every 4th map I have to close the game due to visual lag…if u are using an average tablet the visual lag gets intense with all the pros and explosions. Also fair warning: during big group fights, the entire screen gets covered in attacks, can’t see yourself or the enemies. Great for taking down large groups, terrible for if u try to aim.

I am probably going to add a time warp proc in the build not exactly the most dps by itself, but sheer number of projectiles it could be useful.

Considering filling 1 slot with slow projectiles affix as well

Can you show us the screenshots of your build?

Is that what you were looking for?

Anything with maelstrom. And do you have any defensive mechanics other than sanctuary? Also the legend affix +ele crit chance should boost your dmg by a lot if you get a lucky Ruby or switch to an item that has it.

If you get past floor 200 you might need to start grabbing some dmg reduction like defiant or equality

Damage reduce is mostly pointless outside mp absorb for cartographers as I never see anything but. The goal here is to be able to wipe out enemies without seeing them, either thru out of sight damage or the trail of procs they have to traverse to get to me after I attract their attention. Ele critical chancewon’t help as I already crit/elements crit every attack with coat proc since it procs every single attack I do for some reason. Looking to do mp absorb to about 60-70% to enable any survival I may need, but basically building a non-affixed glass cannon here to down floors quick. Same reason I am ditching goled find/luck. I run boosts so those stats aren’t worth it, damage for fast clears all that matters. I can 2 shot cartos at floor 165 (by 2 shot I mean 2 main hand attacks, usually adds up to about 30ish hits per attack between piercing returning bolts, all the procs, and multiple hits from procs. Looking to up this hits/attack to increase dps