PRIZED Eternals! POST your perfect to almost perfect rolls on your Eternals!


And so dead :laughing: you can’t do anything with 100% Barb.


Ikr :joy::joy:


Wooh!! nice Epiphany MH!


well the crystal roll is still great just 5% deficiency :slight_smile:


Yah! but maybe if you have desperation and hell of MP Regen maybe you can compensate with it. It’s hard to make a build with barbarian affix.

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It’s possible. Fury should work fine along with Desperation and a buttload of MP Regen. Just don’t put PTL or it’ll will mess up the set-up :smile:




Good when converted to rogue and add plague


Ohw i did not know that i recently had one of that but i converted it to crystal




Your picture didn’t upload. Maybe try again?


Wow.When can I have these:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Draft offline always :expressionless:





Nice Staff dude!


Yea, quite lucky but I won’t use it barely just a trophy to me :blush: Coz maybe when it fuse with topaz I’m afraid to get unnecessary affix



Oh , I’ll use some of mine I got 5 eternal fabled and unreal . Then I’ll post here if I’m lucky in affixes