Problem in analog using A37f Oppo

its been a month since this problem when i play DQ…theres nothing wrong with my touchscreen cause when i play other RPG games its all fine…the problem with analog is delay and sometimes won’t follow whenever my fingers goes…plz fix this…

When you say delay, you mean you will move your finger on the vstick but it is slower to move on screen or the stick will not move at all. Is this all the time that this happens?

Can you try to turn on airplane mode and try to play. See if it still happens with no internet/wifi/mobile data.

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still d same even have a internet or no internet…its annoying bcoz it cause alwyz death and million i spend to revive

i try to have video so that u will see the problem

i try all the method i read in forum…i reset my account and login again, i played with or without internet, i create another toon but its the same plz fix this i know im not the only one have problem in this function on analog…delay and hard to follow when ever my fingers goes…

I do not have one of those devices so I cannot test that on my end. I don’t know why this issue would happen all of the sudden on a device that was working before with no issues.

Sorry I cannot be of more help!

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hard for me to stop for a while DQ…im going to buy new phone just to play smooth on DQ…haizt to sad that a37 OPPO is not totally cool to play DQ…