Problem with leaderboard

Hello and nice to meet you. sorry if my english is not perfect because im learning.

I have the version 1.3.0 and in many times i create a warrior and his name is Brambard i upload my pj information for participate in the leaderboard and that work with the legendeary found, floord and hero point but on the experience top i cant participate and i dont know why. I create a warrior at lvl 31 and nothing, i delete him and create again the same warrior and nothing, i dont know why cant participate in the experience leaderboad, please help me

The name is Brambard and the account is

Thank you for posting about your issue. I will do some testing this morning to see if I can get a similar issue to happen on my end. In the mean time, can you update your game to patch 1.3.1 and then try to upload you data to see if your XP is then added to the leaderboard?

Thank you!