After updating after starting the game except the main background nothing else happens, though earlier it was okay, please deal with the problem, enjoy your game. I have samsung galaxy tab 3

Can you describe what you see? A shiny box games logo or green grass and mountains?

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First, the logo, and then the green grass and the mountains. What do I do?

And there is no text anywhere on your screen at all right?

This is a tab 3 10’ or 7’ device?

Yes. Neither the text nor the character is not. I have galaxy tab 3 7 ’

Arrrgh…Ok thanks for the info. We are currently in the middle of fighting some nasty samsung bugs and I will add that one to the list. One more question, are you running android 4.2.2 on that device?

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Good luck with the Samsung fighting, team! :smile: I didn’t disappear- finals over and travelling with the SO now. “I’ll be back!”

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