Proc chance cap

Is there a proc chance cap ? And if there is one, what is it ?

Im not too sure. But experience tellls me in pve the cap is 100% In pvp its 20% of this unless you use epithany to raise the cap.

Ok ty. That means I can try permastealth wizard.

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I haven’t tested it yet, but there is an old post by a Dev stating that Procs can go over 100%. not all Proc’s will benefit from this, but those that do… if the old post is still accurate…

you can’t do a Permastealth Wizard. you could only get Stealth 20, 30 with an Eternal Pet that has Stealth 20. that being said, if you’re careful, and Stealth at the right time, it would be more like an AlmostPermaStealth Wizard.

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@Golem i think once you get a 100% proc. Any thing more dont make sense. A 100% is a sure fire proc.

from what I understand, when over 100%, like if you have 6 Proc’s for +150%, you Proc 1 every time the CD is done, and 50% chance to Proc a second one. it was part of the question answered by the Dev when stating that Proc’s can go over 100%, or actually, that Proc’s don’t have a cap.

so if I am casting Twister every 1.2 seconds with +150% Twister Proc, I would be casting 1 Twister and Proc’n 1 Twister every 1.2 seconds, with a 50% chance to Proc a second Twister an average of every 2.4 seconds. sure, 6 spaces for that much Twister Proc, but then that’s a ton of DPS.

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ooooh nice

another way to go is +100% Proc, with 2 Master Stones for another +20% chance to Proc. I would only do this if I had a Mythic Proc on a Weapon in addition to the +100% Proc Skill.

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the idea was getting 100% stealth proc to cast it all the time

I don’t think it’s possible unless you’re a rouge user.

the problem with using Stealth Proc for Permastealth on Wizard is that it doesn’t work as good as casting it from your OH. it’s all about timing.

also, Permastealth requires Stealth 40, and Wizard can only get up to 30, and that’s with an Eternal Pet. you might get your Cool Down high enough to make up for the lower Stealth 20/30 with higher Epiphany Set and also using Hunger Set, but you should test it first.