Proc cooldown

Do procs have same cooldown as the skill they proc ? I crafted some eternals to get 80% twister proc but didn’t proc twister every 1-2 secs

Procs have no cool downs. Only spells on main character do.

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For example if you have storm as a skill on a character then theres a cooldown before you can recast. However , if you have storm procs then it just happens. No cool down. Helpful?

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ty, guess I was just unlucky

yes. when I had Twister on my Staff and +50% Twister Proc, they have the same Cool Down. this was one of the changes in Patch 3.0. Proc’s used to be a chance to Proc every second. for some Skills, you can get them to Proc in less than a second. you might need Epiphany Set for Skills with higher CD’s.

Twister has a 5 second CD, so Twister Proc does also. Twister 40 with +60% CD gives Twister a 1.2 second CD. +50% Twister Proc meant I was averaging an extra Twister every 2.4 seconds. with Epiphany 5, I think the CD gets down to 0.8 or 0.7 seconds.

I think that some spells and their Proc’s don’t work well together, like Storm for instance, as there can only be one Storm existing at a time.

another thing to think about is, if your Proc CD is higher than the Spell you are casting, you wont see it as often as you would like. but if the CD is the same or lower, you will see it more often. how much Proc you have is also a factor. if you have a Proc Spell from another Class or a Proc Spell with a higher CD than the Spell you are casting, you might be ok with just +25% to +50%. if you are using a Proc Spell from your Class with the same or better CD than the Spell you are casting, +50% or better if you are focusing on just one Spell, like using Twister & Twister Proc, for instance. if you have a build with 3 or more Procs, best to have them at +25% and then add 1 or 2 Master Myth Stones.

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