Proc skills

Im just wondering, after noticing that a shield wall proc on my gear gave me lvl6 skill though i hadnt spent any points at all into it, if i did not use a horn, but invested 20 points into sprint, and had sprint proc, would it proc the sprint at skill lvl 20, or the proc lvl 6?

  1. Even if you haven’t spend points, you probably have +all skill affix or +6 shieldwall on your gears.
  2. At level 20, cause procs inherent their respective skills enhancements
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If he has Warrior, Phalanx Talent and Block, then he has a chance to cast Shield Wall on block. Warrior Shield gives 10% base block also.

As soon as i disenchanted the shield wall proc, the points in skill tree were gone, so i could only conclude it was granted via the proc affix.

But ok, you still answered my question. Ty.

I think he was talking about level on hero screen.

It wasn’t clear to me. I wanted to provide another way Shield Wall can proc without investment. I’m not sure if the description has been updated in the codex to show that Warrior Phalanx Talent has a chance to proc shield wall on block.

Yea, i was. The shield wall proc affix added +6 shield wall to my hero skill tree. As soon as i removed the affix the points were gone and was just a blank skilless shield wall. Thats what got me thinking bout sprint proc, and the points.

Either way, i “think” i see now. :confused: lol

Yeah. But invested hero points or not, hero points affect the procs whether it’s from All Skills+, the epic affix for the skill hero point or the hero point page.