Quick question. Are Specialist and Mythic abilities (the ones made from 4 mythstones) considered procs? Would the mythstones Master increase the fequency of them occurring? Thanks in advance. :smile:

Mythics are procs, yes. Master does increase their frequency. I don’t know for certain on Specialist, but I’m gonna say no.

Awesome. Thanks :smile:

Specialist and Mirror Cast do not have the same properties as Procs. So things like +% Proc and Maelstorm will not work on them.

I knew they worked similarly to procs. But I wasn’t sure if the game considered them as such. I’m kinda toying with a a proc build. I don’t know how viable it will be in the long term, but it should be fun. I really like a bit of storm proc, it’s nice to be able to leech health even is I’m frozen or stunned. :smile: