Procs Question

Do Procs such as Twister and Torrent take the regular cooldowns of the skill into consideration? Like even if you proc Twister 50% of the time it’d still only cast one every 5 seconds, instead of say once every second with a 2 atks/sec, because the regular cooldown for Twister is 5 seconds.

Torrent procs =/= Torrent (skill)

The cooldown applied on a skill has nothing to do with the CD of the procs, about the procs :

1.5 (and before) : the proc was on each hit, so if you were hitting at 5attacks per sec with 100%proc, you casted 5 torrents per sec (overpowered)
1.6 (and after) : the proc is applied per second, so each second you have a chance to cast a proc (depends of the %proc ofc), but it’s more balanced