Progress loss! again!

For the third time now, I have lost my character. First was a 50 warrior, then a 62 warrior and now an 83 warrior. I have spent lots of money on in game purchases as well and expect to be refunded for all purchases. I’ve spent so much time and effort in this game only to have to start all over again and I can’t do it anymore. There has to be some way for you guys to get back my old character, if u can I don’t even care about being refunded money. The several hours spent just to get up to that point and now loosing it is beyond upsetting. How is it that just because my phone dies while playing all progress is lost? This should be your first priority to fix. And there has to be some way for you to access my account and insert my character and all the items I collected. I would appreciate a quick response.

Michael Hakimi

We’re focusing 100% right now on this issue, and we’re very sorry for your frustration. Once we have the account system online, we’ll do everything we can to set you up with your old characters again. For now, we’ll get support to contact you.

Also, we should have a patch coming out in the next day or so that changes save behavior, so you’re not in danger of losing everything during normal gameplay. The save will be moved to level transitions and going to the main menu.


It has to do with the way (i believe) the android OS handles memory requests. Essentially our game is making a memory request (in this case a write) when you phone loses battery power. When this happens, the request (along with the associated save file) gets purged or corrupted and the game cannot load that file when you restart the game.

Right now I am testing a patch that addresses this issue. We have stopped all game saving any time you are in game play. What this means is that the game does a save before you load into a floor, when you exit the floor, or when you return to the main menu.

This does a few things:

  1. It address the save game wipe you are seeing. Since the game saves a very specific times the save file itself is not susceptible to the corruption like in previous patches.

  2. General performance is greatly improved. Since we don’t have as many save requests to deal with the game itself runs much smoother.

  3. You can lose level progress with our new system. If you phone crashes or runs out of battery in mid floor play, when you restart your game it will be just as if you are entering that floor for the first time. Since we are not doing the constant save games if you don’t quite the app by going to the main menu you can loose progress you made (items, exp, gold) on that floor.

  4. You can still lose your save file if you phone runs out of battery power in the middle of the save that takes place between floor loading. There is not much we can do about that instance, and since it is a short 3 - 5 second window, we hope it doesn’t happen very often.

As I said I am testing this patch right now in hopes to get it out tonight.

We are sorry for all the issues you have had and hope this will address the issue while we work on our Account System update. Thanks again for playing Michael, and for your support!