Hi all,

First time posting - seems like a friendly community that you guys have got:)

I’m currently lvl 98, approaching 99 - dabbling with a toss build. What would be your recommended approach to the game, looking from my point of view.
Reaching lvl 99 first time - do you farm 200 maps, as some ppl recommend, or do you ascend with a perc of some sort, and aim for 99 again?

Eventually, when do you aim at crafting items - more specific which amount of crafting materials and what amount of gold would you recommend reaching before trying to craft items for your build?

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Hello there,

In my experiences going back and forth to 99…
Its safe to say that having a hireling helps in grinding exp…

In perks, I would personally suggest Enshrined perk, for double shrines and boosts shrine buffs like Exp shrine and Monster shrine.

I crafted my gears way back when ascension was just a topic in the old forums so I cant help you with that specifically…

Though, you can still craft gears before and/or after ascension as long as you have utmost grasp of how to effectively craft gears and have more than sufficient CS/MS and gears…

Ty very much for the response.

Honnestly I’ve only got a faint idea of how crafting works - been looking though various guides on the topic so far, but didn’t wanna go in depth on the topic if I had to grind a bagillion gold and a bazillion mythstones/crystals before even attempting:P
As far as ascension goes, if I understand you, you do NOT recommend the extra gold + pick up range - as in - I’ll get the gold i need, just by grinding the lvls 1-99?:smile:

Again, ty!


I wouldnt really use the word “Not recommend” :grin:

Its more like my personal opinion on the perks to choose, you dont have to follow it strictly haha…

I dont think you can grind the gold req for the 2nd ascension that quickly from farming lv 1-99 again…

If you want a fast gold gain, try Dealer perk, buttloads of gold awaits for you :smiley:

Maybe try having your main toon have any perk you want while your hireling toon have the dealer perk…

Before the ascension thing, I used to farm on 150+ floors with sets like nadroji, crystalline and eternalized. Getting all the crystal/eternal legends I can get then Convert. ofc, not everything you convert. that’s how I farmed for my rare xtals.

with ascension, I took the treasured perk and fortunate iirc. for farming ofc but it’s still up to you what you want. going on my 3rd ascension would be the enshrined.

as for crafting, i would suggest that you think of a build with all the affixes and what not then start crafting everytime you get the xtal you need. i really hate hoarding the xtals before crafting as that makes me bored. not getting your wanted affix on the first hard earned xtal is what drives me to farm more :smile:

Ty very much both of you!

Looking forward to push on:)