PS Vita

The title says it all. I think this would be a great game for the Vita, certainly not enough of these games on there. Hope you guys could pull it off.

I agree lol. But only if you have the extra resources. The mobile should be priority.

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And also a versión for nintendo 3ds should be nice

3ds could work really well.

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I think a version for PSP/PS Vita would be nice :smile:

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All brilliant ideas…we happen to be approved developers for all of those consoles :smiling_imp:

If you are thinking of moving to consoles how are you going ti decide what to work on first?.

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If that’s the case Dungeon Quest deserves a home on my Vita! :smiley:
I can see it all now: Killing, looting, & Trophies…Oh, My!!!

Bump…Waiting patiently… :confused: :unamused:

I rather see the game going further on phone than being brought on consoles

Steiger already wanna bring DQ on steam (PC), but it would take time, and during this time he could fills the game with new patchs and features…
So, imo, I rather let DQ on phone and focus on updates and stuffs :smile:

I am on both sides here. I would love to see DQ brought to mobile gaming devices, like the DS or Vita, or Steam for PC players. Expanding the community and all that. But yeah, it would not only slow updates, it would mean even LONGER for updates to be confirmed. Apple, Android, Steam, PSN, NINTENDO… :confused: