Public shop

Would be awesome if dq make public shop near pvp and adventure mode. Where ppls could place legend items from highter floors or even low floors. Price would be crystals mythstones or gold. I hope this idea will come true. Shop would really help for new players. Like if u too want shop in dq! Srr for bad english.


cant be realized because cheated items would flood the non cheaters

Ye but for example i am new and idk how the hell i sould reach 400 m3 or 800 me floor to get 100% ed items. I cant even hit 200k dmg lol.

just farm crystals and craft some gear… 100% ed aren’t must have for getting through floor 400-500 m3

convert legendaries (especially the green and cyan ones)

Just don’t go m3, lower difficulty is working also. Farm gold and items on floor<200 on difficulty you can manage.

it is still better for me to covert your legend to crystal